Coal Harbour - Vancouver BC

Our Story

30% of Canadians surveyed say they do not pay their credit card balance off at the end of every month. The problem is that the majority of citizens lack the financial knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding debt, investments, and their financial future. Ultimately, talking about money is associated with arrogance, stress, and personal failure, creating deep-seated stigma. To combat this stigma, 3 friends created FinLabs Capital with the goal of fostering discussion around personal finances. We spent over 100 hours creating a free educational course on value investing, technical analysis, and money management skills, such as the importance of compounding interest in relation to the market. It was during this time we were able to experiment with Search Engine Optimization and how to effectively create and manage a website. With a limited budget, we are advertising our free product on websites such as Facebook and Google. By exploring the web design and development industry we were able to share my knowledge of finance and investing while also advocating for an issue that we felt passionate about. So far we have enjoyed sharing our knowledge with over 100 people and can’t wait to reach more!